High quality & cost effective escrow services

Secure, high quality & cost effective escrow services

We’re a UK based FCA authorised escrow company helping businesses and individuals exchange assets and funds.

What is escrow?

Escrow is the term used when a contractual arrangement between two or more parties is put in place, in which an Escrow Company will hold funds or property during a transaction, acting as an independent third party.

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Escrow Services can be used in almost any situation where money or property is being transferred between parties. 

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How does Escrow work – our 5 step guide

Riverside Escrow will act as an independent party in an agreement. This means that Riverside Escrow holds and regulates the funds of the transaction until the conditions set out in the escrow agreement have been met. 


A buyer and seller make an agreement

Agree terms

Party A and Party B agree to terms - Riverside Escrow will draft an escrow agreement tailored to the clients needs. This agreement will contain specific release of funds conditions.



The buyer pays Riverside Escrow

Payment to escrow

Party A - submits a payment by approved payment method to our Escrow Account, Riverside Escrow verifies the payment and notifies the parties that funds have been deposited.



The seller sends the goods to the buyer

Contract performed

Party B provides the goods or services to party A.



The buyer accepts goods as per agreement

Contract complete

Party A receives the goods or services and proof of contract and completing is provided.



Escrow releases funds to seller

Funds released

Riverside Escrow releases funds to Party B from the Escrow Account.


“I have been using Riverside for almost 4 years now and will enjoy using them for the foreseeable future. I find their staff efficient in all arreas. Many thanks to Matt, Grace and the rest of the Riverside team in helping my business grow.”

Michael Solle

UKV International

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Riverside Escrow approved  for unlimited transaction values

Riverside Escrow approved for unlimited transaction values

We are excited to announce Riverside Escrow has received regulatory approval from the FCA for its recent application to transfer from a Small Payment Institution to an Authorised Payment Institution.  The application has been part of Riverside Escrow’s long term...

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