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 Whether you are looking to conduct an Investment fundraise, or you are raising money for your Charity, Riverside Escrow are able to assist.

Investment Fundraising 

When it comes to investment fundraising, certainty for all involved is often at the forefront of every transaction. Ensuring that funds are held by an independent third party offers peace of mind for both investors and business alike, and using an escrow service is a key component in commercial fundraising.

Setting up an escrow account allows investors to commit to making an investment with the knowledge that the funds will not be released to the business conducting the fundraise until the fundraising target has been met. It also ensures that, in the event that the Investment fundraise was not successful, the money is set aside to be returned to the investor.

Equally, the business conducting the fundraise has the knowledge that its investors are committed to the investment, which allows the business to focus on reaching their Fundraising target and running their business.

Payments out of the Escrow Account can even be staggered or linked to milestones, so the investors know their funds won’t all be used at once, and the businesses know the funds are available when needed.   

Charity Fundraising 

In many charity and fundraising events, the money raised will need to be held pending release to the relevant beneficiaries. It is important the money raised through fundraising events is held and released at the right time.

Using Escrow services is a useful means of ensuring that the funds are held and that they are released as and when required. It offers the fundraiser the certainty that the funds are held in the escrow account, until they have reached their intended fundraising target. It also allows the parties donating to be confident in the in knowledge that all the funds will be release to the intended charities / beneficiaries once the relevant escrow completions have been met. 

Investment fundraising case study

Riverside Escrow was approached by a company that was looking for an escrow service to hold funds relating to an investment fundraise. 

Riverside Escrow was able to offer escrow services that ensured investors that the relevant sums were held and offered the investors the comfort of knowing their funds wouldn’t be released until the Fundraise total had been reached. 

To begin the process, after completion of AML/KYC formalities, we put in place an agreement between Riverside Escrow and the fundraiser that set out the services to be provided. This included the outline for the way the investor’s information and payments would be processed, the information that would be provided to us by the client, as well as the total fundraise amount to be reached before the funds would be released. This agreement would then be entered into by each of the Investors and would govern the conditions for Riverside Escrow to hold and release the escrow sums. 

Once this had been agreed by the client and we had received the signed Escrow Agreement from them, we could begin to receive money into the escrow account from our clients Investors. Following the terms set out in the Escrow Agreement, our client would supply us with the Investors documents for our regulatory checks. Riverside Escrow would then run the relevant Due Diligence checks and confirm to the client that the investor could deposit their funds.

Once initial set up of the escrow agreement had been agreed by both the Client and Riverside Escrow, the processing of the investors could be competed quickly. When the fundraise total had been met, we were able to release the funds on a same day payment and confirmed that the fundraise was complete. 

Riverside Escrow approved for unlimited transaction values

We are excited to announce Riverside Escrow has received regulatory approval from the FCA for its recent application to transfer from a Small Payment Institution to an Authorised Payment Institution.  The application has been part of Riverside Escrow’s long term...

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