With the world currently impacted with Covid-19 and the economy in a state of uncertainty, high value transactions can feel like a risky undertaking. The economic landscape has taken a big hit, and with the reawakening of the economy shaping up to be a slow process, escrow can provide comfort regarding flow of funds for large scale deals. 

What is Escrow?

Riverside Escrow acts as an independent third party to transactions of all types and in a range of ways. A bespoke escrow agreement will be drafted, setting out the binding obligations which Riverside Escrow will adhere to when holding and releasing the money or goods in escrow. 

Learn more about the Escrow Process here.

What types of transactions can Escrow be used for? 

Escrow can be used to provide greater certainty for any transaction where goods or funds are being transferred from one party to another. Below are just few examples of the types of transactions where escrow services are commonly used. 

  • The sale and purchase of high value goods. 

  • Investment fundraise transactions.

  • Mergers and acquisitions.

  • Party wall awards.

  • Litigation and dispute resolution.

  • Holding source code or software.

Find out more about how escrow can be used in different transactions here.

Can you put a price on peace of mind? 

As with any type of service, there is a fee for using escrow services. This fee will cover the cost of the ‘Know your Client’ checks that are carried out, as well as drafting and agreeing the bespoke escrow agreement and holding and releasing the money or goods placed in escrow. Escrow fees reflect the complexity and risk involved in a project. 

If you would like more information on our fees please contact us and one of our team will be happy help. 

What benefits does Riverside Escrow offer? 

Our experienced team are able to draft comprehensive escrow agreements that will reflect each individual project’s needs. We include standard terms and conditions in all our escrow agreements as well as tailored conditions bespoke to your transaction.    

When providing escrow services involving holding funds, we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and comply with the regulatory framework applicable to a Payment Institution. 

Our dedicated escrow client account is held with one of the UK’s largest banks. We have declared a trust over this account, meaning any money paid into that account is ringfenced and cannot be used for anything other than as set out in your escrow agreement in an insolvency type event. 

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